(We all have lost someone, close or not, to one horrible disease- Cancer. I, too have lost a couple of family members including my 11 year old niece a few years back. This is a blog in support to the great work YouWeCan is doing. I want to contribute towards this organisation in any way I can, so here goes).


Cancer was said to be a rich man’s disease, a stereotype that did not last for long. Today, we most certainly cannot bank on that as millions and millions of cases of this horrible disease are coming out. Many families lose their loved ones to cancer every day and it is fact that almost every second family has lost a member to cancer.  This is a disease that not only destroys the patient’s life but also the lives of their loved ones. But there are also some miraculous cases where some people fight this disease and refuse to be consumed by it.

YouWeCan is an organization started by one such person who against all odds overcame this disease and then set out to help everyone that he could through this organization. Yes, I am talking about the Indian veteran cricketer, Yuvraj Singh. The aim of the organization is to spread awareness among people about cancer and help them in overcoming it as early as possible.

Yuvraj was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left lung in 2011. He made a god-speed recovery in a year. A lot of people are not that lucky or don’t have the available resources or in many cases, don’t have the full information. And by the time they get it, it’s too late for them.

YouWeCan came into existence in 2012. It focuses on helping cancer patients however it can; by financial means and by spreading awareness among the society. It has conducted many awareness campaigns across the country. It also organized YouWeCan @ Work campaign which spread awareness among the less fortunate with some help from doctors. It also started an initiative ‘Every stitch is Divine’ which knit and provided blankets to the children in need.

The organization encourages people to contribute in whichever way they can to support the cause.

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Why the Indian TV Industry will face a marginal decline in the coming years?

I hate to break it to you. But it’s true. The Indian TV industry is facing a very big challenge for its sustainability. I think that it is looking towards a big demise in the coming 10-15 years. There are a lot of reasons for that like the internet, the lack of originality, lack of strong concepts for shows etc. Let’s go through them one by one.

The internet has undoubtedly provided a big source of entertainment throughout the world. The popularity of mini-series on YouTube was noticed as well as acclaimed by the world audience. The trend went popular in America. And soon it captured India. A lot of Indian YouTube Channels started making original mini-series as per the season format and before anyone knew it, they went viral. TVF was the biggest mover in this area. With its back to back successful mini series like Permanent Roommates and Pitchers, it drew the attention of the Indian audience and rest as they say is history.


With the youth already attracted to the season format while watching international shows, the lack of creativity and inability to present a decent realistic show from the Indian directors and production houses encouraged the viewers to look at other options.

It’s not like there aren’t good shows to watch on Indian television. The problem is that the good shows never end. And soon they becoming boring and viewers lose interest in them. Take ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasma’ for example. It was one of the most watched shows in India at a time but its endless run created a monotony within the viewers and soon the TRPs started to drop.

The Indian TV industry, at this point of time, needs well-crafted shows not just for the sake of entertainment but also to give a new experience to the viewers because that’s what is going to hold them back. Such attempts have been made in the recent few years. ‘Yudh’, the mini-series on Sony television  was an attempt by Anurag Kashyap to give the viewers a real thriller experience and he certainly did a good job at it.

Soap operas get boring with time. Obviously we cannot put them to a stop all of a sudden. But the pioneers of Indian Television have to see the need of the viewers and act accordingly to it. Every now and then I see a good show that starts but soon just to stretch the show the producers make the mistake of losing the charm of the show. In one word the Indian producers are nothing but – GREEDY!

I get the fact that everyone wants to make money. But to survive in the long run(and to get less hated by people) you’ve got to give people something good. If the Indian TV industry wants to survive it has to take some serious steps towards it. I can help them to start. Step 1- Cut the bullshit, folks. Make something real. Make something good. Otherwise I am getting Netflix soon enough.


No offence but…..

There used to be times when you called things what they were. But now you have to keep in mind the “feelings” of another person. Even though you are not subjective about anyone, somewhere in the world there will be a person who will get offended by your opinion. As an active netizen, I get to see a lot of ‘getting offended’. And people who get offended on Facebook and other social media should get a prescription of, I don’t know, two testicles maybe.

Our country gives us the right to free speech (with some constraints, of course). Then I believe people should be allowed to express their opinions. Over time we have seen a lot of politicians making bizarre statements on some or the other issue. But what really grinds my gear is violence over statements. Certain political parties(mainly Shiv Sena and MNS) with some hyper-active political workers are offended by movies and songs and what not. It almost seems like their political agenda is to never grow some balls or to indulge in some actual politics. If they are reading this, which they most probably aren’t because you know they might be busy getting offended at some completely random thing, grow the hell up!

But getting offended isn’t just limited to such political leaders or bureaucrats. We are also a big part of it. This is one thing that I have noticed recently. There is a saying that goes ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’ Nowadays a little teasing can be termed into bullying by the people who have a daily job of ‘getting hurt.’ Things are no more taken in good humor. I am known among my friends to crack jokes at other people, insult them(and also get insulted) for the sake of breaking the ice and lightening up the mood. But my recent experiences have been dreadful when a person was hurt by words and thought of me as a jerk. Granted. Sometimes you cross the limits. But you’ve got to understand the virtue of what is happening. The resistance of people is dropping faster than Mayweather running(Hah..never gets old).

I don’t say run around the streets calling people faggot or fucktard. But for god’s sake think before you get offended at the little things. If you get offended easily then you are missing a lot of fun in your life. You may even end up losing friends.

So next time someone says something offensive to you, just smile back and tell them about the time you nailed their mom(Ow).



I am just going to start off by saying that ‘I did it!’ From the past couple of years I’ve been thinking ‘I should start a blog’, ‘I can write better than him’, ‘I am funnier than that guy’, ‘Why am I not rich?’, ‘Who ate the last slice of pizza?’

Getting back to the point, I always wanted a platform where my eloquent writing could be exhibited. When I say always, I want you to think two years ago. That is pretty much when I realized what life is. But the ‘grown ups’ still tell me that there is a lot to see and how thy world art a bitch. Well, that’s what you are always gonna hear. Anyways, I was talking about how I thought of starting a blog. So ever since I started writing a lot of my friends and acquaintances told me I should start a blog. I hazily remember the words ‘develop’ and ‘exposure’ whenever one of them opened their mouths. Some people gave references of their friends who wrote blogs and got popular. But I never took the advice because I never felt like doing it. The idea of a blog to me that time was not really appealing because regularly updating it and thinking of something to write seemed too hectic(and also I did not have a very stable internet connection). What stopped me really was the fear. Would people like what I write? What if they find my work stupid?

But after doing some freelance writing, internships and all that I could, I realized that I was a decent writer and whoever read my work liked it. That certainly did help me to come here today. There came a time when a lot of my writer-friends started a blog and suggested me to join them in this feat. But I am no sheep of the herd. I could not do it just on the base of the hype.

Today  I feel I am ready to start a blog, to just express my feelings over the internet(not that I don’t have any friends).

And also this is not a new year resolution. That is crap, trust me. I remember once I had a resolution that I would start working out. Most people would follow their resolutions for at least a week. I, for one, never started.

So, here’s hoping that this public display of my feelings will somehow help me in my life. And ya my work is mostly funny unlike this blog so you will definitely enjoy reading it.