I am just going to start off by saying that ‘I did it!’ From the past couple of years I’ve been thinking ‘I should start a blog’, ‘I can write better than him’, ‘I am funnier than that guy’, ‘Why am I not rich?’, ‘Who ate the last slice of pizza?’

Getting back to the point, I always wanted a platform where my eloquent writing could be exhibited. When I say always, I want you to think two years ago. That is pretty much when I realized what life is. But the ‘grown ups’ still tell me that there is a lot to see and how thy world art a bitch. Well, that’s what you are always gonna hear. Anyways, I was talking about how I thought of starting a blog. So ever since I started writing a lot of my friends and acquaintances told me I should start a blog. I hazily remember the words ‘develop’ and ‘exposure’ whenever one of them opened their mouths. Some people gave references of their friends who wrote blogs and got popular. But I never took the advice because I never felt like doing it. The idea of a blog to me that time was not really appealing because regularly updating it and thinking of something to write seemed too hectic(and also I did not have a very stable internet connection). What stopped me really was the fear. Would people like what I write? What if they find my work stupid?

But after doing some freelance writing, internships and all that I could, I realized that I was a decent writer and whoever read my work liked it. That certainly did help me to come here today. There came a time when a lot of my writer-friends started a blog and suggested me to join them in this feat. But I am no sheep of the herd. I could not do it just on the base of the hype.

Today  I feel I am ready to start a blog, to just express my feelings over the internet(not that I don’t have any friends).

And also this is not a new year resolution. That is crap, trust me. I remember once I had a resolution that I would start working out. Most people would follow their resolutions for at least a week. I, for one, never started.

So, here’s hoping that this public display of my feelings will somehow help me in my life. And ya my work is mostly funny unlike this blog so you will definitely enjoy reading it.



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