No offence but…..

There used to be times when you called things what they were. But now you have to keep in mind the “feelings” of another person. Even though you are not subjective about anyone, somewhere in the world there will be a person who will get offended by your opinion. As an active netizen, I get to see a lot of ‘getting offended’. And people who get offended on Facebook and other social media should get a prescription of, I don’t know, two testicles maybe.

Our country gives us the right to free speech (with some constraints, of course). Then I believe people should be allowed to express their opinions. Over time we have seen a lot of politicians making bizarre statements on some or the other issue. But what really grinds my gear is violence over statements. Certain political parties(mainly Shiv Sena and MNS) with some hyper-active political workers are offended by movies and songs and what not. It almost seems like their political agenda is to never grow some balls or to indulge in some actual politics. If they are reading this, which they most probably aren’t because you know they might be busy getting offended at some completely random thing, grow the hell up!

But getting offended isn’t just limited to such political leaders or bureaucrats. We are also a big part of it. This is one thing that I have noticed recently. There is a saying that goes ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’ Nowadays a little teasing can be termed into bullying by the people who have a daily job of ‘getting hurt.’ Things are no more taken in good humor. I am known among my friends to crack jokes at other people, insult them(and also get insulted) for the sake of breaking the ice and lightening up the mood. But my recent experiences have been dreadful when a person was hurt by words and thought of me as a jerk. Granted. Sometimes you cross the limits. But you’ve got to understand the virtue of what is happening. The resistance of people is dropping faster than Mayweather running(Hah..never gets old).

I don’t say run around the streets calling people faggot or fucktard. But for god’s sake think before you get offended at the little things. If you get offended easily then you are missing a lot of fun in your life. You may even end up losing friends.

So next time someone says something offensive to you, just smile back and tell them about the time you nailed their mom(Ow).



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