(We all have lost someone, close or not, to one horrible disease- Cancer. I, too have lost a couple of family members including my 11 year old niece a few years back. This is a blog in support to the great work YouWeCan is doing. I want to contribute towards this organisation in any way I can, so here goes).


Cancer was said to be a rich man’s disease, a stereotype that did not last for long. Today, we most certainly cannot bank on that as millions and millions of cases of this horrible disease are coming out. Many families lose their loved ones to cancer every day and it is fact that almost every second family has lost a member to cancer.  This is a disease that not only destroys the patient’s life but also the lives of their loved ones. But there are also some miraculous cases where some people fight this disease and refuse to be consumed by it.

YouWeCan is an organization started by one such person who against all odds overcame this disease and then set out to help everyone that he could through this organization. Yes, I am talking about the Indian veteran cricketer, Yuvraj Singh. The aim of the organization is to spread awareness among people about cancer and help them in overcoming it as early as possible.

Yuvraj was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left lung in 2011. He made a god-speed recovery in a year. A lot of people are not that lucky or don’t have the available resources or in many cases, don’t have the full information. And by the time they get it, it’s too late for them.

YouWeCan came into existence in 2012. It focuses on helping cancer patients however it can; by financial means and by spreading awareness among the society. It has conducted many awareness campaigns across the country. It also organized YouWeCan @ Work campaign which spread awareness among the less fortunate with some help from doctors. It also started an initiative ‘Every stitch is Divine’ which knit and provided blankets to the children in need.

The organization encourages people to contribute in whichever way they can to support the cause.

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